Great Sandy

Great Sandy 1


Created 2015

100% Wool Up-cycled Albany Woollen Mill Blankets

Size W89cm x H78cm x D3cm

Inspired by the Australian Great Sandy Desert.

Sold in Exhibition May 2015

Kira Mead – “Great Sandy” – Artist Statement
This piece is titled “Great Sandy”. It has been sculpted with up-cycled Albany Woollen Mill Blankets, and was inspired by a trip my husband and I made to Telfer and Marble Bar.
I was inspired by the rich redness of the dirt and the vastness of the land.
The vibrant coloured Albany Woollen Mill blankets I have collected for this piece reflect the colours as I remember them. The tassels of the Snuggle blankets make beautiful standing Spinifex and the neat blanket stitching on the edge shirred up are a representation of the Desert Banded snake. The blankets pieced together are reminiscent of the patterns of the windswept sand and the variation of the red palate sculpted together, reflect the amazing sunsets.


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