So What

Created 2014

100% Australian Wool Up-cycled Blankets

Size W131cm x H122cm x D3cm

My very first Accidental Rug

$5000 Aud plus Shipping if required

So What – Artist Statement

“So What” titled after a Miles Davis composition was inspired by Netherland Artist’s Tejo Remy and Ren’e Veenhuizen’s “Accidental Carpet”.
The original carpet was designed for epileptic children to cheer their surroundings.
Being inspired by the unique design, but wanting to explore my own idea’s through the technique, I made my own “Accidental Carpet”.
Although I had some beautifully coloured blanket’s, I didn’t want to cut them up for my experiment. So I sourced some old off white stained 100% wool blankets and dyed them with food colouring.
The resulting colour’s were beyond my dreams.
My only instruction came from a short fast motion You tube video, the rest is from my own invention.


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